Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's Walt Worth?

(Keith "Walt" Tkachuk has been traded twice at or around the trade deadline, once as rental player, and may be on the trade block once again this year. "Walt" has become a kind of a poster boy for deadline deals : this series of posts has been named in his honor. )

This summary includes trades where the rental player was the only player acquired (72% of total trades): multiplayer trades have several moving parts and I'll try to untangle those trades at a later date.

TOI “Rental” Players 2006-8 Defensemen
6-10 min 3 trades Prospect (4th rd) + DC (7th rd)/ DC (4th rd)/ DC (7th rd)
11-15 min 5 trades DC (4th rd)/DC (4th rd)/DC(5th rd)/Prospect (2nd rd)/Roster player (F)
16-20 min 5 trades DC(2nd rd)/DC (3rd rd)/Roster player (F)/Two Roster players (F (F+D)/DC (3rd rd)
21-24 min 7 trades Roster player( F) + DC (1st rd)/Two DC (2nd, 4th rd)/Roster player(F)/ DC (2nd, 4th rd)/DC (1st rd)/Roster player( F) + DC (1st rd)/Gorges, DC(1st rd)

TOI “Rental” Players 2006-8 Forwards
7-12 min 7 trades
DC(2nd rd)/DC (4th rd)/Roster player (F)/DC (5th rd)/Roster player(F)/DC (6th rd)/DC (6th rd)
13-16 min 8 trades DC (3rd rd)/Prospect (2nd rd)/DC (2nd rd)/DC (7th rd)/Prospect (7th rd),DC(2nd rd)/Prospect (2nd rd),DC (2nd rd)/Roster Player (F), Prospect (8th rd),DC(2nd rd)/Roster Player (F)
17-19 min 5 trades Roster Player (F), Prospect (1st rd), DC(2nd rd)/Roster Player (F-UFA), DC (1st,2nd,3rd rd)/Roster Player (F), Prospect (2nd rd), DC (1st rd)/DC (2nd rd)/Roster Player (F)
20-22 min 2 trades Smyth was traded for Roster Player( Nilsson ),
Prospect(O'Marra), DC (1st rd)/Forsberg was traded for Roster Player (Upshall), Prospect (Parent), DC (1st, 3rd rd)

Goalies: Huet for DC (2nd rd),Roloson for DC(1st,3rd rd), Aebischer was traded for Theodore (then on IR), Aubin for DC (7th rd).

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