Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's Walt Worth? (Part III)

(Keith "Walt" Tkachuk has been traded twice at or around the trade deadline, once as rental player, and may be on the trade block once again this year. "Walt" has become a kind of a poster boy for deadline deals : this series of posts has been named in his honor. )

UFA Defensemen Projected Market Value
Kuba, OTT HIGH 1st Round DC LOW 2nd + 4th Round DCs
Havelid, ATL, O'Donnell, LA
HIGH 2nd + 4th Round DCs LOW Roster Player
Zanon, NSH
HIGH Roster Player LOW 3rd Round DC
Malik, TB
HIGH 3rd Round DC LOW 4th Round DC
Gauthier, LA, Kostinen, NSH
HIGH 4th Round DC LOW 5th Round DC

Mathieu Schneider is a wild card among this group. Based on his reputation and skill-set (at least the skills he used to have), he should have a market value similar to that of Brad Stuart last year: two DCs, 2nd and 4th. But his play this year has been truly horrible and he could fall to a 3rd or 4th round pick. Jay Bouwmeester is not on the list because I don't expect him to be moved: if that happens, he should command a Brian Campbell-like market value, a roster player and first round DC.

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