Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Four Point Games and the Playoff Race

Here's a list of "four point" games among the conference rivals vying for playoff spots. The list excludes conference games against the top three teams in each conference and Chicago in the Western Conference. This list will be updated with records in four point games from Mar 5 on.

Pittsburgh (Home=1 Away=3 W-2 L-1), Florida (Home=1 Away=3 W-0 L-2 Otl-2), New York (Home=2 Away=3 W-3 L-2),Carolina (Home=3 W-2 L-0), Buffalo (Home=1 Away=2 W-1 L-3), Philadelphia (Home=3 Away=1 W-4 L-1), Montreal (Home=4 Away=2 Otl-1), Columbus (Home=3 Away=3 W-0 L-1), Nashville(Home=1 Away=2 W-1 L-0 Otl-1), Dallas (Home=3 Away=2 W-2 L-2), Anaheim (Home=1Away=3 W-2 L-2), Minnesota (Home=1 Away=1 W-2 L-1 Otl-1), St Louis (Home=3 Away=2 W-2 L-1 Otl-1), Vancouver (Home=1 Away=4 W-2 Otl-1) Edmonton (H=3 A-1 W=1 L+1)

Schedule of 4 Point Games for March

March 24 Anaheim at Nashville, Vancouver at Dallas March 25 Florida at Buffalo March 26 Florida at Philadelphia, Vancouver at St. Louis March 27 Edmonton at Anaheim March 28 NY Rangers at Pittsburgh, Buffalo at Montreal, Columbus at St. Louis, March 29 St. Louis at Columbus, Minnesota at Edmonton March 31 Nashville at Columbus, Vancouver at Minnesota, Anaheim at Edmonton

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